Creating a personalised shopping experience

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Whilst working at WiggleCRC, the team and I were often given the opportunity to brainstorm ideas that would differentiate our offerings from the competition. It was an excellent way for the team to demonstrate more creative capabilities. I was particuarly interested in personalisation, and how we could deliver an experience for our users that showed unique offers, product reccomendations and other content based on their location, demographics or other personal data.

Vistors want more personalisation, not less

There's no doubt in my mind that personalisation is the future of e-commerce, however, it has to be done in a way that's truly personalised and not just a best guess with some tangentially related offers. How often have you shopped on Amazon to be reccomended something that you don't have any intention of buying? Irrelvant content can completely negate the benefits of personalisation. With that in mind, I got to work, and created designs based on "blue sky thinking". Whilst it would be excellent if these designs ended up becoming product, these were designed as though there was no limitation in development resources or budget.

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